Tuesday, February 26, 2013

an apparent fracturing

i stand against the sharp glance of the restless sun, crippled.
the perennial flare from which we get burnt every single day, fractured. 
my vague cognizance is already drowned in stagnant wells, shattered.

and the depth is longing to embrace my consciousness remains with her comforting folded arms, settled.
my life-long pursuit of the promised blessedness has lead to a harrowing end, ceased.
all i discovered is viciousness in the guise of heart-warming manner: the seizure, the walk, all that mattered.
everything has become so familiar, gathered.
and it has left me walking alone, no companion, no lover.
now i am commanding myself to the concealed shelter you have not known about.
i am waiting for you until the nearest horizon where we can bury our bodies together.
so that the tranquility would bow to us.

*gambar diambil dari http://i.imgur.com/DfjJo.jpg

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