Wednesday, November 7, 2012

...to the deaf serenity.

Eyes wide awake
Crawl through blinds night has taken
Calls of cheerful sadness we clap and win
All the cherished pains we endure then lose
Collect all ashes we once burn and leave
Within all merciful weeps that shed

Blackless shadow colors the ground
Jaded eyes and the tiredness once knew
Gazeful incapability we hardly erase
Cold avalanches and silent storms

Embrace all worries we made ourselves
Glint upon mellow fragility we try to keep
Withered self-confidence approaches soft-bleakness
Eye's pulses dim silently to the deaf serenity.

-written for Cold Becoming's lyrics, still untitled and havent done the song yet.

*gambar diambil dari http://i1.trekearth.com/photos/50362/dawn.jpg

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